Marketing Team

M a r k e t i n g T e a m :

The marketing & sales department of Amico Laboratories Limited has been organized with professional sales and marketing personnel. Well formulated marketing strategies, strategic positioning and well planned doctor coverage have differentiated its customer services. The Marketing department is well-equipped with IT facilities and distribution support systems. At present, the company has 15 sales offices at different parts of the country. Face-to-face call making with differentiated services is our prime focus.

he company – with its “Me too” therapeutic products has established a favorable image very shortly. Close contact with physicians cum dispensing chemists, druggists, nursing homes, hospitals, pathological laboratories, government & non-government health care institutions, clinics, etc. are different target segments for ensuring maximum marketing communications activities. The unique blend of promotion-mix, pricing strategies and professional attitude of the sales team indicates its promising future. A total number of 450 employees are engaged in overal marketing & sales activities.

The Marketing & sales department conducts 6-7 comprehensive professional Training programs (CPTP) throughout the year to train, develop and employ efficient sales professionals for its sales team. Still several other preparations are in the pipeline and are expected to be offered for the betterment of the healthy society. The Brand management department are constantly engaged to provide maximum information support to the health care professionals of the country.