Message from Chairman

M e s s a g e from C h a i r m a n:

Pharmaceutical industry is considered as the most dignified and sophisticated business of the country which has a great deal of influence in the GDP of the nation. It does not only adds value to the nations economy, it ensures a healthy nation with mind and body. Amico Laboratories Limited , though started lately under Mona Group of Companies, is very versatile organization with very professional human resources and technical expertise.

We have tried our level best to focus on every details to what it does. I strongly believe that effective utilization of human resources and human resource development within the organization can act as a catalyst in maximizing profit in the long run.

Bangladesh is very well known for its semi-skilled but cheap labors that ultimately results to lower manufacturing cost. Our concentration is on the continuous technical improvement and creating full-skilled labor for cost effective production without compromising with quality.

It is expected that the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh is able to export quality products and can earn a healthy amount of foreign currency each year, since it has achieve 12.5 million USD$ in 2003-2004. The export growth rate is increasing at very faster pace. Amico Laboratories Limited has equipped itself such a way that it can proudly represent a least developing country to the world with outstanding quality products. We are keenly looking forward to take full opportunity through the TRIPS agreement that was approved by the WTO council. We, therefore strongly encourage any API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) company for mutual business benefits till the year 2016.

Al-Haj Md. Mockbul HossainĀ 
M.A., L.L.B. (Ex-M.P. Opposition)