Message from MD

M e s s a g e from M D:

Whenever you see a successful business, Someone once made a courageous decision РPeter Drucker 

Mojibul Islam (Panna) 
Managing Director
MBA (United Kingdom)

  1. At Amico, we have always believed that every individual has the right to lead a healthy life, our mission is to manufacture quality human health care products and ensure healthy life for the nation. Amico Laboratories Limited is committed to adapting itself to the changes in technologies and is quick to respond by new products. At Amico Laboratories Limited, there is no compromise on quality. We believe, to be competent in the world market, we need to produce world class products and this is one of the areas where Amico has developed core competence. Thus, we are committed to satisfy the needs of our customers. The quality of out products is maintained through effective quality control systems. Amico is also committed for customer centric business, i.e. more value on each transaction and empower employees with decision support system. We are committed to spread our coverage to all therapeutic areas in the time to come. Our aim is to be in the exclusive club of the top ten pharma companies in Bangladesh in the next 5 years. Amico’s success is the result of superior products, high standards and commitment for quality performance, distinctive competitive strategies, and above all, commitment of the people, Our believe is superior strategies are always better than superior resources.