With the legalization of sports betting in the U.S., NASCAR needed an official data product and betting solution for sportsbooks. As a result, the racing team developed a first-of-its-kind official betting product allowing sportsbooks to accept bets on every lap of every race. This solution offers fans across regulated states an exciting and immersive live racing experience. Here are some of the benefits of the new product.

NFL: In addition to providing betting partners with exclusive access to league data and statistics, the NFL is also promoting its partnership with these companies. NFL teams can bet on their performance with these new partners. In return, the sportsbook can tie their brand to their team’s statistics, thus increasing its appeal. The NFL can terminate the agreement after three years if the partnerships do not meet expectations. For this reason, betting partners must be selected carefully.

ESPN and NFL: Among the NFL’s partners, Fox has gone beyond the traditional sports book and into the sports betting world. It launched its own sportsbook, Fox Bet, in April, and has been working closely with Ceasars and FanDuel to integrate gambling content into their programming. In all, the NFL expects the gambling content they produce will generate $270 million in revenue this year. And because the league has been studying the interests of fans, it will continue to explore new ways to attract and keep their fans.