With sports betting now legal in all 50 states, NASCAR needed an official betting product and data product to offer to its fans. To accomplish this, the series built its first-of-its-kind official betting solution that allows sportsbooks to accept bets on every lap of every race. The result is an immersive and engaging live betting experience for fans in regulated states.

While not yet widespread, sports betting has been gaining popularity. Several states have legalized it, and more are expected to follow suit. Currently, the NFL and NBA are two of the most prominent leagues that have legalized sports betting. Meanwhile, MLB, NHL, and other sports leagues have been taking steps to legalize sports betting. In fact, some states have already legalized it, and many others are expected to do so by the end of 2018.

As MLB’s Official Sports Betting Partner, DraftKings will feature on-site brand exposure during MLB’s postseason and Jewel Events. In addition, the 2021 T-Mobile Home Run Derby will include DraftKings branding and a “Hit It Here” trigger on-field. It will also have a presence at the 2021 World Series, where it will sponsor a World Series ticket for the winner of the contest. DraftKings is also offering two free-to-play home run pool games that revolve around the Home Run Derby.

The Denver Broncos recently announced a multi-year partnership with FanDuel, which will allow it to offer sports wagering in the team’s stadium beginning in June 2021. Additionally, the company is entering the Colorado sports betting market through additional betting lounge sponsors, including sportsbook operator PointsBet. This partnership represents the first official betting partnership between a sports betting operator and an NCAA Division I athletic program outside of Nevada.