Official lottery games offer the opportunity to win cash prizes. These games are operated by each state or territory that offers them, and are governed by the laws of each jurisdiction. Some states also run joint lotteries that span a larger geographic footprint and offer larger jackpots.

Ticket prices are regulated by the New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGCC). The commission oversees lottery games, their prize structure, frequency of drawings, and prize payouts.

The winning numbers and other information posted on the NYSGCC website are verified by an independent accounting firm before they are made available. In the event of a discrepancy, the commission’s official results will prevail.

New York’s official lottery was created in 1967, promising to use proceeds from the games to fund public education. Since then, the lottery has raised billions of dollars in aid for public K-12 education.

In addition to offering the popular lottery games Lotto and Mega Millions, the NYSGCC also operates several games that are not as widely recognized. These include the Powerball and Cash4Life games, which both have large jackpots.

These are some of the top-selling games on the NYSGCC website. There are many more to choose from, so check them out for your next ticket.

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The official lottery is a form of gambling that is legal in most jurisdictions. It is regulated by the state and is intended to generate revenue without raising taxes. The revenues from the lottery are used to pay for operations, prizes, and other costs.