Official betting is the placing of wagers on the outcome of a sports event or tournament. These bets can be placed at casinos, racetracks and sportsbooks and are generally conducted by state lotteries or government-owned entities. These games are often offered in scratchcard format, although some states also use pull-tab games. These are cards with opaque areas that have to be scratched or ripped off to reveal the winner’s numbers. The top Kentucky sports betting apps offer world-class software, exciting bonuses and quick payouts on winning bets. They also accept a variety of trustworthy deposit and withdrawal options like Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Play+ cards, VIP Preferred ACH transfers, online banking and PayNearMe. Some of the best apps also provide 24/7 live chat and dedicated phone and email support.

A number of professional sports leagues have stepped up efforts to catch offenders. They have teamed up with sportsbook operators and integrity firms to create networks that monitor bets on their games and identify where they’re being placed. This gives the leagues visibility into bets and enables them to take action when necessary.

The NBA has a strict policy against players, coaches and team employees betting on the NBA. Those who violate this rule can face indefinite suspensions and may not be allowed to return to the league. The NFL has had similar policies in place for several years. Players found to have bet on the NFL while at team or league facilities have received at least one-year suspensions.