Throughout the last three years, official sports betting partnerships have spread across the United States. Unlike one-off deals, these alliances are long-term relationships. Often, they involve more than meets the eye. They give the industry movers and shakers a chance to join forces.

The NFL, in particular, has made an effort to create partnerships with betting operators. The NFL has struck sportsbook sponsorships in Germany and Latin America, as well as in the United Kingdom. It has also launched a training program for players in relation to gambling. It has been able to license video overseas, and has tested the use of betting kiosks at NFL games.

Major League Baseball (MLB) has been an advocate for sports betting legalization since the Supreme Court ruling. MLB has been in talks with a number of sportsbooks, and is close to striking a deal. However, there is one problem: MLB has only found one partner so far.

MLB has also been working to secure a data feed, which would make it easier for sportsbooks to offer bets. MLB’s Authorized Gaming Operator (AGO) program would allow the sportsbooks to access the MLB feed, but they’ll eventually lose the data if they don’t join.

As of now, MLB has one partner, MGM Resorts. However, it expects to strike a deal with more sportsbooks. This could lead to additional betting action for fans and a higher level of reliability for sports books.

During the MLB postseason, betting action will increase. MLB will feature all of the regular season betting markets during its postseason games, and some sportsbooks may also offer more playoff betting markets. This would provide an additional influx of fans.