When it comes to sports betting, official betting is one of the most common types of wagers that players can place on games. This type of betting is regulated by the sporting leagues to ensure fairness and accuracy. While it’s not illegal to make bets outside of official betting markets, players and teams can face punishment if they do so.

The NFL is among the leagues that have strict rules about gambling and team employees are not allowed to place bets while at their own team or league facilities. Players who violate these rules will face at least a six-game suspension. In recent years, the NFL has punished Isaiah Rodgers, Rashod Berry and a handful of other players for gambling on their own football games.

In Major League Baseball, players are not allowed to place bets from any team or league facility or when they’re on the road with their team. They’re also required to sign a statement acknowledging the league’s gambling rules. Players who have violated the rule in the past have been permanently banned from the Hall of Fame.

If a game is shortened for weather or another reason, all bets on moneylines and totals are void unless the game is played for nine innings. However, if the game is shortened to five or fewer innings and becomes official by MLB rules, all wagers on totals will stand. The same is true for if bets (also known as totalizators) that are made on statistical totals, where the action is only graded once the event has occurred.