Official poker has become a worldwide game over the past decade. Its rules have been compiled by the International Poker Federation.

While the official poker rules may vary between different variants, the main rule remains the same. Players are restricted to one action per turn. If another player raises or calls, the player must follow suit.

The best way to play a hand is to be careful not to reveal your holding to your opponent or to others at the table. Be polite to other players and do not make fun of their mistakes.

In addition to the official poker rules, there are other unwritten rules that will help you to win more. For example, avoid playing with a cell phone.

There are a number of cases of breaking the official poker rules in the online world. One of the most notable examples was when David “Devplaza” Afework was banned from a partypoker tournament. Another case was when Mike Postle was accused of accessing real-time hole card information.

Similarly, mucking a hand deliberately is unethical and is not a great poker move.

Using real-time assistance while playing is also against the rules. However, some players are not aware of this.

Another rule is that no one may discuss their hand until after the action has been completed. This can help speed up the game and prevent errors.

You should know the rules of poker before you sit down to play. However, if you are caught breaking any of the official poker rules, you could be thrown out of the game.