On March 28, 2021, the PGA TOUR and FanDuel announced an extension of their marketing agreement. The two companies have worked together to deliver odds-based content to sports fans and enlisted the help of the league’s data partners, Genius Sports and Sportradar. The new agreement will also include distribution of highlights to FanDuel bettors. The PGA TOUR has become one of the largest sports leagues in the world, and betting on PGA events on FanDuel will provide additional information to fans.

While most states have yet to offer sports betting, Virginia is the first state to legalize it. In June, citizens voted to legalize sports betting in the state. The state will also allow the construction of five land-based casinos, the first in the country. As of today, though, Virginia sports betting remains limited to online betting, the state’s gambling industry is expected to grow by leaps and bounds. In September of that year, Wyoming will launch its first online market. DraftKings and other sports betting websites will be the first to open, and the state expects at least five mobile applications to follow.

The state of Nevada is another example. The state’s casinos are the largest taxpayers, so it is only natural for sports betting in Nevada to be regulated by the state’s gambling laws. New Hampshire, meanwhile, has legalized online sports betting as a state-run endeavor. After an open bidding process, DraftKings was the only company to win the license. The state does not allow for online betting of NFL games, but it allows for wagering on NCAA basketball and football games.