The NFL is the last major American sports league to have signed official betting deals. This year, they announced a deal with three sportsbooks to use the league’s data to offer their customers betting odds. The new partnerships will allow these sportsbooks to promote their relationship with the league while also tying their brands and products to stats. If the five-year deal goes as planned, the NFL will make nearly $1 billion off of it, though they can opt out after three years.

In addition to providing official betting data to fans, the NFL is working with an analytics firm to license video and official data to international sportsbooks. The NFL also began testing these partnerships overseas, including in Canada. The league expects to launch sports betting in Canada in 2019.

The PGA TOUR is looking to keep its partners honest. The league’s rules were recently upended by the Supreme Court, which ruled that “squatters” can price bets without any official information. Without accurate data, squatters can price bets without any information and golfers cannot know their own distance from the hole. But in the meantime, a PGA tour website can be trusted with betting information and video highlights.

PointsBet is excited to enter a partnership with LaLiga North America, which will give the company access to the brand and fans in the region. The partnership will include a dedicated PointsBet betting space on the LaLiga website. This program will feature expert game predictions and news in both English and Spanish. The company plans to launch these services later this spring. And the partnership is also expected to boost betting activity in the US as well.