Ever since the Supreme Court gave states the green light to regulate sports betting, a variety of wagering options have emerged. While some are embracing online wagering and others are limiting the activity to brick-and-mortar casinos, there is no question that sportsbooks are offering a vast array of bets on all sorts of events.

As a rule, all bets must have an official result in order to stand. This applies to both pre-game and in-game wagers. This is especially true for MLB games, which often get shortened or suspended due to weather. Bets placed on games that don’t go the full nine innings are void, but bets on partial results (inning bets) and totals still have action as long as those specific innings have been played.

Odds for baseball games shift constantly. The money line the sports book lists when you place your bet may be different from the one listed for the game at the time the bet is settled. A bet on a money line will still have action unless the starting pitcher is changed, in which case your bet is void.

Some prop bets require a game to be official or reach a designated point in order to pay, but most player-related props are independent of the length of a game and don’t depend on whether the game goes the required number of innings. However, the same isn’t necessarily true for futures bets, which are made on upcoming league championships and player awards, such as Most Valuable Player.