Sportsbook Marketing: Celebrity Endorsements and Branding

As a growing number of states legalize sports betting, sportsbooks are engaged in a wide range of marketing strategies to attract new players. These include broad-based advertising campaigns, sponsorship of events and sports teams, and a growing presence with celebrities.

NFL Betting: Most US sports betting websites offer extensive coverage of the NFL. The NFL is by far the most popular sports in the country and a major draw for online betting enthusiasts.

NBA Betting: DraftKings is the official daily fantasy partner of the NBA, MLB, and NHL and also offers a wide variety of daily fantasy sports products. As a result, the Company is in a unique position to provide sports bettors with valuable information on NBA matches.

NASCAR: The Company teamed up with the sport to create a first-of-its-kind official data product for sportsbooks, offering fans across regulated states a highly-engaging live betting experience.

Partnerships with Sports Leagues: The use of official data and logos/branding from sports leagues is becoming increasingly popular with sportsbooks. These partnerships can be extremely lucrative to both sides and can help sportsbooks build name-brand recognition, increase their revenue, and improve their oddsmaking and prop betting.

In-Race Bet-Types: The Company partnered with NASCAR to develop a unique official data-powered solution for sportsbooks, featuring over 25 in-race bet-types. These bet-types allow sportsbooks to take wagers on every lap of every race during NASCAR events, giving fans a highly-engaging live betting experience as they watch the action.