Until recently, sports betting was illegal in the United States. However, the Supreme Court repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018. This opened the door for states to legalize sports betting, and some have jumped at the chance. In the last three years, partnerships between betting operators and sports leagues have exploded across the US. In many ways, these partnerships involve more than meets the eye.

Sportsbooks are like financial-services brokers. They seek liquidity in order to capture “vig.” Sportsbooks are allowed to use official league data to settle bets, but they are prohibited from placing wagers directly at stadium kiosks.

As sports betting expands, the NFL is making moves to incorporate gambling content into its broadcasts. In addition to adding lines and spreads to the bottom of the screen, broadcasters have also started offering free-play games and sportsbook commercials. These commercials can be sold to sportsbook operators approved by the NFL.

The NFL is one of the biggest sports in the country. It’s important for the league to remain proactive in its approach to sports betting content. This includes partnering with sports betting operators and other partners to develop content that is engaging to fans.

In addition to their official sports betting partners, the NFL has also formed relationships with governing bodies and gaming operators. The NFL has struck the first international sportsbook sponsorships in Australia and Germany. The NFL has also started researching legalized sports betting markets in the United States.