The NFL recently became the latest American sports league to sign an official betting deal. It announced three sportsbooks as its official betting partners. The NFL will give the sportsbooks access to official league data, allowing them to promote their relationship with the league while connecting their brands to statistics. If the deal holds up, the league could earn nearly $1 billion over five years. The league can opt out after the first three years. But if it doesn’t, the NFL will still enjoy a lot of benefits.

The NBA and NFL are a perfect example. In Australia, Crownbet is the official wagering partner for the Australian Football League. In England, nine of the 20 teams have a partnership with a gaming company. Until recently, gambling companies weren’t allowed to sponsor NBA jerseys. In fact, they are prohibited from using the NBA logo. However, this deal has sparked controversy. While Nevada sportsbooks aren’t using the NBA feed yet, they will be able to offer NBA betting once they are allowed.