In the past three years, official sports betting partnerships have sprung up like weeds across the US. Not only are these collaborations a way to boost marketing efforts, they can have a number of benefits for both parties. Some of these include legal protections for consumers and increased exposure for both parties.

Sports leagues and their associated betting partners have been quite open to the concept of legalized wagering. They’ve even been known to welcome it with open arms.

The NFL is no different. It’s also in a unique position to help set the stage for legal sports betting. While it might seem like a small fish in the sea, the league has been on the front lines of legalized gambling since the start of the year.

To that end, the league consulted with the governing bodies of the game, talked to gaming operators, and sought the input of its own experts. These discussions culminated in an ideal sports gambling legislation that would provide consumers with the legal protections they deserve and protect leagues from corruption and abuse.

Despite its tepid interest in sports betting, the NFL has managed to forge some surprisingly strong partnerships with the industry. Among these are Caesars Sports, DraftKings, and Fox. For the foreseeable future, these firms will be the ones providing the league’s gambling content.

In the meantime, however, the NFL has shifted its focus to educating players and fans on the risks of gambling. It’s even offered gambling-related training to its players.