The NFL has finally signed an official betting deal with three sportsbooks, which will give them access to official league data and integrate it into their broadcasts. This partnership will give the NFL a marketing channel and will allow fans to place wagers on games from the comfort of their home. The league expects to generate about $270 million in revenue this year from its partnership with betting operators.

Since sports betting became legal in the U.S. in 2018, sportsbooks across the country are vying for a piece of the action. Because of this, they needed an official data and betting solution to engage their fans. The result is a first-of-its-kind official sportsbook product with over 25 in-race bet-types. This innovative technology allows sportsbooks to accept bets on every lap of every race, giving fans across regulated states an engaging live experience.

Sports betting is legal in the state of Ohio, which has enacted laws explicitly legalizing the industry. Popular sports betting operators in the state include FanDuel, DraftKings, and UnderDog Fantasy. In addition to sports betting, the state has legalized online gaming. HB29 passed the law in December 2021, but the commission has delayed the launch of sports betting in Ohio to give operators enough time to build the infrastructure required for legal sports betting.

The state of Illinois has passed a law that allows sports betting, but it is still illegal in many places. In addition, many states require you to register in person in order to place bets.