An official poker hand chart is a helpful reference when learning how to play poker. Downloading a pdf of the chart is free and makes it easy to understand which hands are the best for which situations. While most poker rules are consistent across all card games, a few subtle differences may exist between these two official rules. A copy of the official hand chart is the best way to learn about the different hands in poker. This chart is an essential tool to learn the different types of hands and how they are valued.

A poker player can make a mistake by revealing his or her hand to others. For example, a player who folds with a high hand can try to hide a high-value chip or move a high-value chip closer to the center. This is perfectly legal and does not count as cheating. It is also not good practice to tell a friend about the correct hand – this is considered a violation of the game’s rules.

The WFP has the right to revoke a Player’s Membership if they find that a player has violated the rules of the game. Infractions include cheating, collusion, gambling, threatening, verbal threats, splashing chips into the pot, staking other players at the showdown, and reading someone else’s hand. However, if the WFP finds that a player has violated the rules, it will not hesitate to sanction them.