The International Federation of Poker is the official governing body for the sport of poker. Its purpose is to make poker an internationally recognized mind sport. The organization has announced plans to create two new events for 2011: the Nations Cup duplicate team event, and “The Table”, an invitation-only IFP World Championship featuring 130 of the world’s top poker players. You can learn more about the organization’s goals and mission by visiting its website. If you want to become an official poker player, join the International Federation of Poker.

Using the Official Poker Rankings is free, and includes poker tournament results, prize ladder rankings, and poker player ratings. The website also tracks OPR profit and prize ladder rankings. Rankings are updated every day. In the world of online poker, the Official Poker Rankings are the best way to stay informed of the latest in the game. For a better poker game experience, you should try this new app! The game has become so popular that millions of people are now playing the game.

The game originated in the early 19th century in the United States, but has since spread to other parts of the world. It is now one of the most popular pastimes, with over a billion people playing online. Official poker tournaments should follow the rules established by the International Poker Federation. The FIDPA has approved numerous national associations and organizations that regulate the game of poker. The International Poker Federation has approved the following casino establishments as official partners: Holland Casino, Bellagio Las Vegas, and Circus Group.