Poker is a card game that involves betting between players, and which may involve raising the amount of a bet or simply folding. Often called the national card game of America, it is played in home games and tournaments, casinos, and cardrooms. Its rules and jargon are widely known in the United States and around the world.

When playing poker, players must place chips in the pot to make a bet. These poker chip values represent dollar amounts and help players to keep track of their stack sizes. The colors of poker chips are standard across most home games and casino or cardroom events, as well as tournaments, to make it easy for other players to see the amount of a bet or raise.

After a player has placed chips in the pot, the dealer will reveal each player’s cards to determine who wins. This process is called a showdown and usually takes place when there are no more raises to be made on a current betting round.

During a showdown, it is against poker rules to peek at another player’s cards. This is referred to as rubbernecking and is generally a sign of bad gamesmanship. Despite this, it is sometimes difficult to enforce poker rules because players may not always be aware that they are breaking them. This was demonstrated in April when Triton founder Ali Imsirovic peeled Paul Phua’s hole cards during a streamed event, but it wasn’t until after the stream that partypoker was able to verify this and rule against him.