The term “official betting” refers to a bet placed on a specific market that is settled using official data or statistics from the league that governs the sport. This may include player markets or any other statistically dependent markets. Unless otherwise stated, these markets will be settled when the game is final and when the necessary statistics are available on the sports governing body’s website or from their official statistical provider. Any subsequent statistical changes will not result in re-settlement of these markets.

PGA TOUR Official Betting Operator

The PGA Tour has partnered with DraftKings to become the first PGA TOUR-branded Official Betting Operator. The partnership will enable the company to use PGA TOUR trademarks, advertise within PGA TOUR media and partner platforms and produce pre-game and post-game betting programming for its customers.


Fixing a match or event within a match is a serious offense and can lead to serious sanctions. Fixing is defined as arranging, offering or accepting a bribe to influence the outcome of a match or competition or any event within a match. Seeking, providing or receiving inside information for betting purposes is also prohibited and can carry severe penalties. In addition to imposing fines, the FA can order you to hand over itemised telephone bills and betting account statements as evidence of your involvement in a breach of the rules. The FA and betting companies have sophisticated systems that help them to identify breaches in cash, telephone and online betting markets.