Official betting is a type of sports gambling that involves wagers placed directly with the teams or leagues. This form of betting is regulated by the sports leagues and ensures that bettors are getting the correct odds and information for each game. It can be a great way to make money while supporting your favorite team and league.

The term “official data” has emerged front and center in the battle to shape US sports betting policy as sports leagues push for a more prominent role as primary stakeholders in legal sports betting. In many cases, that includes a direct share of the total amount wagered. In other cases, like the integrity fee proposed by US Senator Chuck Schumer, they support a mechanism that allows them to monetize their data.

Illinois and Tennessee are the only two states with an official data mandate in their sports betting laws. However, even in these markets, operators can circumvent this requirement by proving that the data they are using is commercially reasonable. Unfortunately, the initial terms set by the leagues appear nebulous at best and impossible to judge at worst.

As more colleges and fans become familiar with regulated, legal sports betting, the list of partnerships between NCAA member schools and sportsbooks will surely grow. These relationships generally consist of the licensed use of official sports data and the inclusion of league logos/branding in sportsbook advertising. The benefits to both parties are clear, but it is important for bettors to know that these relationships do not obligate them to place a bet with the partner in question.