Official betting is a form of legal sports gambling offered by state-regulated bookmakers. This type of sports betting is available in many states across the country, including New Jersey and Nevada. These sportsbooks offer bettors a wide range of options, from point spreads to money lines. They also feature a variety of innovative promotions and marketing strategies to keep customers coming back for more.

In addition to a wide range of wagers, most online and land-based sportsbooks accept a wide variety of payment methods. A popular choice is credit cards, but some sites allow players to use bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Some sportsbooks even offer a mobile app, so that users can place bets on the go.

The PGA TOUR has partnered with DraftKings to become its first official betting operator, allowing it to promote the product on TOUR media and partner platforms and produce pre-game and post-game betting programming. The partnership is the latest in a series of moves by major league sports to monetize their events and increase revenue through new betting markets.

There are a few important things to know about baseball betting rules before you start placing your bets. For starters, all baseball games become official after five full innings unless the game is called early by MLB rules or due to weather conditions. This means that most inning bets will stand if the game is shortened to less than nine innings, but they’ll be void if the game ends after five innings and you were betting on a full-game money line.