When it comes to betting on a sport, there are many different types of wagers that can be placed. One of these is official betting, which is a type of bet that uses data provided by the league or team. This can be a great option for sports fans, as it provides them with a higher level of accuracy when placing a bet.

A key part of the debate over official betting involves the desire of the major leagues to monetize their data, which they have been trying to do through private commercial agreements and legislative mandates. This has proved a tough sell in US markets, however, as operators are often unwilling to enter into such deals without knowing how much value the data will provide them with.

Another aspect of official betting is that the result of a game must be officially declared before bets can be accepted or paid out. This is to ensure the integrity of the game and protect against potential bribery or match fixing. In addition, the NFL has strict new rules stating that players cannot bet on any of their games or give out inside information that could be used for betting purposes.

The Kentucky Derby is a huge event that draws people from all over the country to watch and place bets on the race. In order to maximize your enjoyment of the race, you can make a number of different bets, such as a straight show bet or a multi-race parlay. In addition to these bets, you can also bet on futures. These are wagers on competition or tournament outrights (such as Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl), player props or totals (such as the Seattle Kraken O/U 90.5 Points) and season-long totals for teams, such as regular season wins or points.