Online slot tournaments allow you to win a prize by accumulating as many points as possible. Players compete to see who can win the most games, while the casino keeps track of the players’ total points and the number of games they’ve played. This type of tournament allows players to play at times that work for their schedules.

The games themselves have many different themes. Some are based on famous films or TV shows, while others are based on computer games. Some of the most popular themes include classic slots, sports, myths, and icons like Michael Jackson. This variety of themes and styles contribute to the universal appeal of online slots. Online slots are also available for mobile devices, giving players the option to play them on the go.

Players can play online slots from their PC, laptop, or mobile device. They will see reels similar to those of a real slot machine, as well as the spin and max bet buttons. They can also see their bankroll in the corner of the screen. If they win, they’ll receive a payout that is proportional to their bankroll.

Another advantage of online slot gaming is its convenience. Since players don’t have to deal with opening and closing hours, they can play any time of the day. They can also be played on the go, which means that they can even make bets on the go.