One of the newest innovations in lottery play is online play. However, before you go shopping for your next jackpot, you’ll need to know what the best online lotteries have to offer.

While the most popular US lottery game is Mega Millions, there are also a number of state-operated lotteries. Some states offer in-house draws, while others offer online versions of scratch-off games. These may vary from state to state, but most offer decent odds.

The lottery industry has been around since the early 1700s. Today, the United States has 45 state-run lotteries, including two in Washington, D.C. Several states also operate in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

A few years ago, eight jurisdictions offered online lotteries. But only seven have continued to operate.

Buying lottery tickets online is not a common practice. Many states require players to be residents of the state or purchase lottery tickets from a third-party distributor. Other states have no such requirement. Still, many people would like to take advantage of this new innovation.

When purchasing an online lottery ticket, you have to be sure to choose a reputable site. This will help ensure your winnings are covered. Additionally, you will need to know what the legal requirements are. For example, some states prohibit gambling on their land. In addition, a few states have rules that prevent playing with money from other states.

The first state to offer an online lottery was Minnesota. That was in 2014. Unfortunately, it was short lived, as the legislature voted to shut it down.