8. Cough

P r o d u c t s : Cough

8. Cough Expectorant / Antitussive / Anti-Asthmatics

SL Name of the Products Generic Name Dosage form
01. Montel Tablet Montelukast INN 5mg and 10mg Tablet
02. Ambrotil Ambroxol HCl, BP syrup,15mg/5ml
03. Carboten DS Carbocisteine ,BP 100ml syrup
04. Coldflu Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide,BP 100ml syrup
05. Koftex Guaiphenesin + Pseudoephedrine + Trip 100ml syrup
06. Koftex – D Guaiphenesin + Pseudoephedrine + Dex 100ml syrup
07. Mucola Bromohexine HCl 100ml syrup
08. Salbutamol Salbutamol Sulphate,BP 100ml syrup and 4mg Tablet